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03000 132 132

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Grant Aid Programme 2019 - 2020

Grant programmes for the new financial year are now closed, except rolling grant programmes will be ongoing throughout the year.

Important Information

Prior to completing an online grant aid application, it is essential that you read and familiarise yourself with the Grant Aid Guidance Document 2019. This contains critically important information which you need to be aware of to avoid not complying with specific conditions on the various grant programmes.  Restrictions apply to grant categories which will be detailed in this document. It is also conditional that you speak to the relevant officer responsible for the grant you wish to make a submission to. You will find officer contact details listed in the guidance document.



The proper governance of local Community & Voluntary Sector organisations is a necessary requirement for any group wishing to access publicly supported grant aid to ensure there is openness, transparency and accountability. Mid Ulster District Council have linked with Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) to provide  advice, information and practical support on a wide range of matters from charity regulations to dealing with governance issues of management committees. NICVA can provide detailed guidance on the most common queries for example, charitable status, legal structures, conflicts of interest, company administration. They also provide advice and guidance on  specific queries but in the first instance please check the comprehensive advice notes at the following link: https://www.nicva.org/services/governance-and-charity-advice


To apply for a grant please click here.

CAPITAL DISCRETIONARY GRANT (Currently closed but likely to re-open in October 2019)


Council is seeking to support groups across Mid Ulster in the completion of large community capital investment projects being developed.

Projects which will provide benefit to the community for a period in excess of five years, examples of which may include a new building or refurbishment/renovation of an existing building.

The community projects must be of a minimum value of £300,000, with Council funding to a maximum contribution of £50,000.

The majority of finance/funding should be in place with Council acting as funder of last resort for the target funding shortfall.

The Fund is only open to local Mid Ulster Community & Voluntary Sector organisations including Social Enterprises.

For further information and an Expression of Interest Form please contact:

Philip Clarke
Tel. 03000132132/ext: 24611
Email philip.clarke@midulstercouncil.org 


Hannah McCabe
Tel 03000132132 /ext:24626
Email hannah.mccabe@midulstercouncil.org


PEACE IV - click here to find out more about the PEACE IV Grants Programme

Decade of anniversaries - click here to find out more about the Decade of Anniversaries Programme

Rolling Grant Programme

Applications can be made for grants in the Sports Representative (club and individual) Community Festivals and Good Relations categories on a rolling basis throughout the year, and there are funding programmes that operate on an open/close basis throughout the year. 

Good Relations and PCSP strategic plans 

The Council’s Good Relations section and Mid Ulster Policing and Community Safety Partnership are currently developing their Action Plans for 2019/20. If you would like to engage or partner with the Council on these plans, please contact the PCSP or Good Relations team on 03000 132 132.


In addition to the Council's grants programme, we can provide support and guidance to groups on identifying other sources of funding for the community and voluntary sector. 

Now more than ever charities, community and voluntary groups have to look for new sources of funding. GrantTracker can help you do this.

This funding toolkit helps you to find funding relevant to your projects, keep on top of funding deadlines and manage your applications.  There are 900 funding opportunities on GrantTracker: all relevant to groups/charities applying for funding here.

To access Granttracker, contact a member of staff below:

Margaret McCammon

Cookstown Office

Tel: 03000 132 132 ext 22502

E: margaret.mccammon@midulstercouncil.org

Oliver Donnelly

Dungannon Office

Tel: 03000 132 132 ext 24607

E: oliver.donnelly@midulstercouncil.org

Hannah McCabe

Magherafelt Officer

Tel: 03000 132 132 ext 24626 

E: hannah.mccabe@midulstercouncil.org

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