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Help take the stress out of Christmas with the Bin-ovation app!

14 December 2016

Confused about how to dispose of all those Christmas materials such as wrapping paper, Christmas cards, glass bottles and jars, biscuit tins, leftover turkey, old electronics and toys and even your Christmas tree?

No need to panic, just download Mid Ulster District Council’s free Bin-ovation app for clarity on how to treat these items, and many more, with information on everything from what can go into blue, brown and black bins this Christmas as well as useful information on any changes to bin collection services and Recycling Centre opening times over the holidays specific to the Mid Ulster region.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it’s also a time when we generate loads of extra waste. This year do your bit for the environment by recycling all you can in your blue or brown bin and at local recycling centres.

Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas cards, glass bottles and jars, biscuit and sweet tins can all be recycled your blue bin.

Leftover food can be used for fabulous recipes such as turkey curry (see Love Food Hate Waste Recipes www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipes ) or recycled in your brown bin to make compost.

Larger items like electronics, toys and old Christmas trees can be recycled at your local recycling centres.

The Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Trevor Wilson, thinks the app is an excellent initiative and would encourage residents to download the valuable tool to help them dispose properly of the extra waste that comes as a result of Christmas. “While Christmas is a fantastic, merry time of year for most people, it is also a time where a lot of extra waste is generated whether it be wrapping paper, Christmas cards, extra food waste or old toys and electronics and these all need to be disposed of properly to ensure we limit the damage to the environment.

“The Bin-ovation app is a fantastic resource for keeping residents informed and up-to-date on all key recycling and bin collection information over the Christmas holidays and you get it straight to your phone or tablet, making it literally available at your fingertips.”

Bin-ovation creator Michael Brady summed up the benefits the app will have for residents over Christmas. He said, “At Bin-ovation we find the holiday periods are when the app is most used. The information is extremely helpful for householders in finding out what goes where and also when the Recycling centres are open over the holidays.”

The Bin-Ovation App for Mid Ulster is free to download for all Apple and Android platforms from the App Store or Play Store.

For more information on the app visit www.midulstercouncil.org/binovation.

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