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Mid Ulster Bird Ringing Project

One of the objectives of the Mid Ulster Biodiversity Action Plan is to engage local people in our local biodiversity. One aspect of this is to encourage the observation and recording of our local species. Previous training projects have been well supported with local people now taking part and gathering vital information through a range of surveys for bats, butterflies, moths, etc. 

Bird ringing provides vital information that cannot be obtained from bird observations alone. However, bird ringing is highly regulated and can only be carried out by skilled licensed ringers with the utmost consideration for the birds’ welfare. 

Within Northern Ireland there is a small number of licensed bird ringers, however, few operate ‘West of the Bann’.  Consequently, there is a lack of data on bird species in the Mid Ulster area that could be obtained through ringing. This information would be particularly beneficial in shaping future conservation work both through and outside the Mid Ulster Biodiversity Action Plan. 

To address this situation the 'Mid Ulster Bird Ringing Project' is being developed in partnership with trained licensed bird ringers. The objective of the project is to bring together people interested in becoming licensed ringers, and to provide training opportunities to enable them to do so.

As a result of the project there will be a number of newly trained bird ringers and vital data will be obtained on a range of bird species frequenting the Mid Ulster area that will be of use at local, national and international levels and .

It is intended to run a series of training days throughout the Mid Ulster area. A number of sites have been identified across a range of habitat types that should enable trainees to experience ringing a selection of bird species.  

If you are interested in becoming a ringer, or even want to come along to see what it is all about, please contact Mark Edgar for further information.