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Polasaí úr Do Chomharthaíocht Bhóthar / New Bilingual Road Signage Policy

Polasaí úr Do Chomharthaíocht Bhóthar A Thabhairt Isteach 

Tá polasaí úr do chomharthaí sráide agus bóthar dátheangacha á chur i bhfeidhm ag Comhairle Ceantair Lár Uladh, a thugann deis do dhaoine áitiúla comhartha Gaeilge a iarraidh uainn.

Is féidir an polasaí a léamh anseo.

Thig le cónaitheoir ar bith iarratas a dhéanamh fá choinne comhartha dátheangach ach litir fhoirmeálta a sheoladh chugainn ag willie.wilkinson@midulstercouncil.org

Bain feidhm as an chur chuige thíosluaite le do thoil má tá comhartha a iarraidh agat.


New Bilingual Road Signage Policy Introduced

Mid Ulster District Council has recently adopted a new dual language street and road signage policy that facilitates the use of Irish on road and street signage across the Mid Ulster district.

A copy of the policy can be found here.

Any resident can make a request. This can be done by sending a letter formally requesting a dual language roadsign to willie.wilkinson@midulstercouncil.org

If you wish to make a request, here is the procedure you should follow as outlined in our new policy.

  1. “A valid petition or letter, signed by occupiers of the street must be made to Council to enable this matter to be considered.  Requests should be made to Building Control Service within the Public Health and Infrastructure Department.  A petition / letter request shall be valid if; it is from an occupier who appears on the Electoral Register as maintained by the Electoral Office for NI; the address of the petitioner is contained on the petition / letter and; the individuals name is clearly stated and the letter has been signed by the petitioner (who must be an occupier of premises on the street).  A petition / letter may be received by email but it must be attached as a file and signed. The Council shall not accept a request made within the body of an email.”