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Private Tenancies: Fitness Inspections

The Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006 (Article 33) requires properties built before 1 January 1945, whose tenancies commence after 1 April 2007, to have a fitness inspection carried out, unless they already have a certificate of fitness in place or the property is exempt.

A property which has recently undergone a full renovation and/or refurbishment will still require a fitness inspection if one original wall remains.

A tenant may also apply for certificate of fitness, if there is a Certificate of Fitness in effect and they are of the opinion the property they live in is no longer fit to live in.

The legislation aims to:

  • provide a better standard of accommodation within the private rented sector in Northern Ireland.
  • allow landlords to maximise rent.
  • ensure protected tenants retain their security of tenure.

A property is exempt if:

  • a renovation grant was paid by Northern Ireland Housing Executive within the last 10 years
  • an HMO grant was paid by the NIHE within the last 10 years
  • the dwelling is currently registered as an HMO with the NIHE
  • a regulated rent certificate was issued by district council within the last 10 years.

Properties will be inspected by Environmental Health officers against a Fitness Standard. You can find out about the Fitness Standard by clicking here.  

Contact Environmental Health About Private Tenancies
Tel: 03000 132 132
E: environmentalhealth@midulstercouncil.org 
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