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Small Events

Small Events (i.e. Street Parties)

In order to be considered a ‘small event’ where the administrative cost of the fee is waived, a determination will be made (based on the application) on whether the event is a small, local, neighbourhood event where people attending are not from outside the applicant’s street (e.g. street party) or immediate neighbourhood. A ‘small event’ should meet the following criteria : (please note this list is not exhaustive)

  1. Be held on minor residential roads e.g. cul-de-sacs or side streets.
  2. The proposed road to be closed must not have a bus route along it.
  3. Not have a car park located on it or a car park which is accessed via the road to be closed (other than a car park for residents’ of the road)
  4. Not be publicised for the general public and therefore will not draw in people from the wider area.
  5. Be an event which would apply to the residents of one or two streets only and not to larger areas of the district/borough/city. It is up to the District Council to consider factors such as the proposed attendance figures etc when making its decision on whether to grant an Order.
  6. Finish by 11pm.
  7. Not have a stage built from which entertainment would be provided.
  8. Not have amplified entertainment which may cause nuisance to the wider area.
  9. Not have fireworks, pyrotechnics or bonfires on the street.
  10. Not have alcohol or food sold at the event.