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Registered Societies

A registered society must notify Mid Ulster District Council:

  • Of any change in the address of the society’s office or head office within 21 days of the change taking effect; and
  • Of any change in its lottery scheme before any tickets are sold under the amended scheme.  (A lottery scheme being contrary to law is one of the grounds upon which a district council may revoke a society’s registration). 


When the lottery is over, the promoter must forward the following documentation to the district council within three months of the date of the lottery:

  • Completed return form
  • A copy of a ticket.

Every registered society must keep copies of the returns, supporting bills, receipts and accounts for at least 18 months after the date of the lottery and, if asked to do so, shall supply copies to Mid Ulster District Council or the PSNI.

Please note that the date of the lottery is the date on which the winners are drawn.

Please note that an officer from the district council is authorised to enter the office of a registered society and inspect both its records and its promotion of any lottery. It is an offence to obstruct such an officer.