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Covid-19 Business Grants Application

Open For Applications

Before submitting the online application form below you must read the Guidance Notes.

Only fully completed online applications will be considered.  Any application submitted with missing information or incomplete questions will be deemed incomplete and subsequently rejected. 

The following information must be completed in full to warrant a fully completed application:

  • Your details
  • Property details
  • Project details
  • Project costs and administration - including the uploading of adequate comparable (like for like) quotations/tenders successfully. You can use our sample specification to obtain quotations. 
  • HMRC self-assessment number and company number
  • Declaration 
Grant aid for rural based businesses is now fully committed. If your business is located in a rural area i.e. outside the urban boundaries of the main towns of Cookstown, Magherafelt, Coalisland and Dungannon please do not submit an application as it will not be assessed.

The Council will process your personal data in accordance with Mid Ulster District Council privacy statement. Applicants (personal details) for Mid Ulster Covid19 Business Grants Scheme will be used for the purposes of processing your application and will be retained until 31December 2030 in accordance with Department for Communities retention of records. 

Grant Application Form

Are you the property owner or tenant?:

Please provide either (please indicate which you are providing):

Are you registered for VAT?:

No more than 500 characters.
No more than 500 characters.
Quotations MUST be uploaded - any application received without quotations will be deemed ineligible. Two quotations for each element (costs up to £4,999.99). Four quotations for each element (costs from £5,000-£9,999). No more than 500 characters.
If VAT registered please detail Net Cost. If not VAT Registered please quote Gross Cost
If VAT registered please detail Net Cost. If not VAT Registered please quote Gross Cost.
I/We hereby apply for Mid Ulster Covid-19 Business Grant Scheme:
I/We confirm that the information contained in this Application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We understand and agree to the above Notes and Guidance and I/We acknowledge that if false or misleading information is provided that the Council may exclude me/us from the Programme. I /We further acknowledge that in the event that it comes to light, following the issuing of the Letter of Offer, that false or misleading information was provided, the Council reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to withhold grant monies or seek to recoup grant monies already paid.
Enter security code:


  • It is the applicants responsibility to obtain and comply with all statutory approvals
  • It is the applicants responsibility (if the tenant) to obtain approval from property owners for structural changes to the property in relation to the scheme.
  • It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that quotations/tenders are from bonafide reputable contractors/companies and no conflict of interest in respect to each quotation/tender exists with the applicant.

Should you have any queries please email or call our office on 03000 132 132. 

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