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Decade of Anniversaries Programme Spring 2022

7pm & 10am-4pm

Tel: 03000 132132 ext 22507

This series of 5 Historical Talks and a special full-day 'Living History event' will explore Ireland in 1922: From the Craig-Collins Pacts to the 'Argenta' Prison Ship and the Irish Civil War'.

The talks will take place at 7pm every Thursday evening from 21 April to 19 May and the Living History event will take place at the Burnavon, Cookstown on Saturday 21 May from 10am-4pm. 



'Raids Reprisals and the Boundary Question: From the Clones Affray to the Craig-Collins Pacts of 1922'
Speaker: Dr Éamon Phoenix
Dr Éamon Phoenix is a political historian, author and broadcaster. He is member of the Irish Government’s Expert Advisory Group on Centenaries. He is the author of Northern Nationalism 1890-1940 and Conflicts in the North of Ireland, 1900-2000. and writes a daily column for the Irish News.

Thursday 21, April at 7pm                         

The Troubled Birth of the Irish Free State: Collins and de Valera from treaty Split to Civil war, January - August 1922
Speaker: Dr Mary Harris
Dr Mary Harris is a former Senior Lecturer in Modern History in the National University of Ireland, Galway. She is the author of The Catholic Church and the Foundation of the Northern Ireland State and is a member of the Taoiseach's Expert Advisory Group on centenaries. 

Thursday, 28 April at 7pm

A State Under Siege?: James Craig and the struggle for Northern Ireland, 1922
Speaker: Dr Russell Rees 
Dr Russell Rees is a political historian and author. A former Head of History at Omagh Academy, he is the author of Ireland 1905-25 and The Labour Government and Northern Ireland 1945-51.

Thursday, 5 May at 7pm

Descent into Chaos: Bloodshed, Internment and Beyond: March - December 1922 
Speaker: Dr Éamon Phoenix

Thursday, 12 May at 7pm

The origins and History of the Prison Ship Argenta 1922 -24: A Forgotten Aspect of the 1920s' Troubles
Speaker: Professor Denise Kleinrichert
Professor Denise Kleinrichert teaches Management Ethics at the L am Family College of Business, San Francisco State University. A trained historian, she is the author of the definitive study of the 'Argenta' - Republican Internment and the Prison Ship Argenta 1922 (Irish Academis Press).

Thursday, 19 May 2022

A special full-day 'Living History event' at the Burnavon, Cookstown. Dr Phoenix will speak about 'Ireland in 1922' with special reference to the Craig-Collins Pacts, the Argenta and the Battle of Pettigo
Speaker: Dr Éamon Phoenix
Members of the public are invited to bring along documents, letters, artefacts and other memorabilia for appraisal. 

Saturday, 21 May from 10am-4pm

Pre booking is essential, to book please email or call 03000 132132 ext 22507.

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