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Make an ‘Invisible Waste’ pledge this EWWR

The 12th annual European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) takes place from 21 – 29 November and this year it’s shining a light on ‘invisible waste’.

Invisible waste is waste that, while we can’t see it, is generated as a result of the goods we purchase and items we use. For example, in the manufacture of a smart phone which weighs less than 200 grams and comes in a small package, an unbelievable 86kgs of waste is produced.

EWWR 2020 is calling on all of us to consider the true cost of our actions, the goods we buy and the items we use. Not only the financial cost to our pockets but the social and environmental costs of our lifestyle choices. This EWWR let’s all consider more carefully the true cost of the goods that we buy, by repairing, refilling, reusing and recycling all we can.

Cllr Sean McGuigan, Chair of Mid Ulster District Council’s Environment Committee supports EWWR and echoes its call to action. He said,

I am delighted the Council is again lending its support behind European Week for Waste Reduction. As individuals and as a community we all must consider the true cost of the lifestyle choices we make every single day. We must act locally but think globally to protect our environment. We can all do this at home by reducing our waste, reusing and recycling. We must start to consider the true social and environmental costs of all the items we buy and use. What seems like the smallest of lifestyle changes, like using a reusable water bottle, can make a huge difference. I would encourage everyone to get involved and make a EWWR pledge this year.

Picture of Councillor Sean McGuigan, Chair of the Council's Environment Committee supporting this year's EWWR campaign
For more information on EWWR 2020 and to get involved, go to the European Week for Waste Reduction website.

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