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Temporary solution to ease parking issues at Iniscarn agreed

Following issues with inconsiderate parking at Iniscarn Forest, Mid Ulster District Council has negotiated temporary overspill carparking with St. Patrick’s Church, Keenaught, situated a 10 minute (approximate) walk from the Forest entrance. It is hoped this will ease congestion while a more permanent solution is being sought. 

Chair of the Council, Councillor Cathal Mallaghan, welcomed the temporary solution to the issues with parking at this popular beauty spot, saying:

“We have welcomed the fact that so many people are choosing to enjoy some exercise in the fresh air in forests and parks right across the Mid Ulster region as we negotiate our way through this current lockdown. However, the current guidance is very clear that we should not be travelling more than 10 miles from our homes to take exercise.

“Where people are travelling to exercise, they must also remember that these are places where people live and need to be able to access their homes without negotiating badly parked cars or, worse still, not being able to get their own vehicles out because roads are blocked.

“We are extremely grateful to the community of St. Patrick’s Church, Keenaught, who have so generously allowed their carpark as an overspill for visitors to Iniscarn. 

“Most importantly, we would ask anyone using the Church carpark to be mindful and respectful of the congregation who rely on the accessibility the car park brings, by always ensuring that car parking is kept available for those attending private prayer, services and other church led activities.”

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