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Be Plastic Fantastic!

Mid Ulster District Council is encouraging all Recycling Heroes to take action and ‘Be Plastic Fantastic’ by recycling more plastics as part of its new recycling campaign.

Confused about plastics?

It’s a hot topic at the moment but recent research has shown that many people are unsure about what to do with all the different types of plastic. It may explain why over 20% of the waste in our black bins could easily have been recycled (in the blue bin). A staggering 10.6% of this was plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

Want to be plastic fantastic? Here’s how.
  • Use less plastic to begin with!
  • Avoid single use water bottles. You can join NI Water’s ‘Refillution’ if you’ve got the bottle! The campaign is encouraging everyone to refill a reusable water bottle from the tap, cutting plastic pollutionand saving you some cash too.
  • Instead of buying plastic bags for shopping, carry a hessian, cotton, woven or jute bag.
  • Consider food packaging and choose loose fruit and veg when you’re shopping.
  • Pick any one, make the switch and you’ll be making a difference.
  • And when you do have plastic waste, recycle as much as you can through your blue bin.
Plastic bottles - YES please!

Clear/coloured plastic bottles. 

Detergent bottles.

Hand soap bottles (without the pump, please put the pump your black bin).

Cleaning product bottles (bleach bottles and spray bottles, triggers removed and put in the black bin).

Skin care product bottles.

Shampoo and shower gel bottles.

Plastic milk bottles.

Fizzy and non fizzy drink and water bottles.

There's no need to remove labels. Lids can be on or off (squash the bottle and place the lid back on to save space.) 

NO thanks!

Plastic bottles containing liquids

Plastic wrappers

Soap bottle pumps

Crisp packets

Pet food pouches.

Spray bottle triggers.

Plastic packaging - YES please!

Pots (yoghurt pots, soup pots).

Tubs (butter, margarine, ice cream).

Trays (raw or cooked meat trays, take away trays-not polystyrene, fruit and veg trays).

Black food trays


Chocolate and biscuit tubs and trays

Other clear plastic packaging

Non-black plant pots

NO thanks!

Packaging contaminated with food waste - please rinse first!

Polystyrene (trays, packaging, beads).

Medicine blister pack (e.g. for headache tablets)

Film lids from pots or trays.

Laminated pouches (baby food pouches, pet food pouches, coffee pouches)

Paint pots (recycle these at your local recycling centre).

Plastic toys (large hard plastic items can be recycled at your local recycling centre).

Toothpaste tubes.

If in doubt, just ask us!

Email with your questions or download the Bin-ovation app to have recycling and waste information on your phone.

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