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Capital Discretionary Grant

Capital Discretionary Grant (Threshold £50,000)

The Capital Discretionary Grant aims to recognise that there are times when a modest amount of capital investment in our community can create the potential for a much larger project to happen.

In such circumstances Council could potentially be a discretionary funder of last resort to allow projects to happen and maximise investment to our areas and communities. Any contribution would be a small percentage towards a much larger project.

This is a Category 4 grant. Category 4 grants are limited to groups who meet very specific conditions, with a requirement to discuss with the grants team before application.


  • Capital funding – the Council will consider providing financial support for capital projects, which are defined as projects which will provide benefit to the community for a period in excess of five years, examples of which may include a new building or refurbishment/renovation of an existing building.  It will not provide support for acquisition of land, buildings or other assets such as equipment other than fixed plant for example permanently installed elevators/lifts.

  • The project funded must be in community ownership (satisfactory evidence of legal title or an appropriate long term lease will be required.

  • Not for Profit - Funding will only be considered for not for profit constituted community and voluntary groups which are involved in progressing a major community capital project which will provide significant benefit to the community within the Mid Ulster District Council area. Groups/organisations must be able to demonstrate that the majority of project beneficiaries (>80%) live within the Mid Ulster District Council area.

  • Community Benefit – A Project Plan must be in place to show community need and benefit and to avoid any potential issues of duplication.

  • Funder of Last Resort - The majority of funding at least 70% should be in place and that all funding avenues have been exhausted. Evidence of this will be required.

  • Statutory Requirements - The project must be at a state of readiness 6 months after letter of offer; with planning permission, land acquisition or lease agreement (if required), and other statutory permissions in place along with accurate costings.

  • Mid Ulster District Council Corporate Aims – The project must clearly demonstrate how it is achieving on Council corporate aims and objectives.

  • The project is a minimum value of £300,000, with Council funding to a maximum contribution of £50,000.

  • The Project must complete within 18 months of letter of offer; phased delivery and invoicing of expenditure can be accommodated.

A group can only submit one call per project for this Capital Discretionary funding Support and a submission will only be considered by a group once every 3 years.

Groups/organisations would be required to formally present to a Special Development Committee of Council.

Applications for this grant cannot be completed online. 
For further information or to apply please contact:

Philip Clarke
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 24611

Emma McGeehan
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 23616

This is a competitive programme with the Council appraising proposals against set criteria and within limited budget constraints.

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