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Community Venue Grant

Community Venue Grant (Threshold £3,000)

Remember to read the general Grant Eligibility Conditions as well as the criteria for this specific grant.

This is a Category 1 Grant: community groups (community, arts, culture and heritage) can only apply to one programme per year in Categories 1 and 2.


The Community Venue grant aims to support local communities to make available their premises and community centres for the use of the wider community. Venues applying to the grant must be used for a minimum 80% community development activities.

  1. Beneficiaries (number of beneficiaries and groups)

  2. Level of community usage per week

  3. Level of community provision – number of rooms and size etc.

  4. Shared space usage

  5. Value for money – contribution of grant to overall costs.

The venue must be open greater than 10 hours per week and the grant can be used for community development projects at 20% of the funding allocation.

For questions or queries about this grant, please contact:
Philip Clarke,
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 24611
Emma McGeehan,
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 23616

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