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Festive Lights Fund

Festive Lights Fund (award as per village settlement population)

Direct provision of festive lighting will be provided in the main towns of Dungannon, Cookstown, Magherafelt, Coalisland and Maghera.

Remember to read the general Grant Eligibility Conditions as well as the criteria for this specific grant.

This is a Category 4 grant. Category 4 grants are limited to groups who meet very specific conditions, with a requirement to discuss with the grants team before application.


A grant programme (revenue and capital funding) will be delivered across the remaining settlements under the following criteria:

  1. The grant will be revenue (small items of capital applicable) and will support the supply, installations, maintenance, running cost of providing festive lights and any associated switch-on/launch event.  The lights will be in a predominant village location visible to the wider community.

  2. The village settlements and populations will be as per the Mid Ulster Development Plan 2020 - 2030.  The grant allocation will be based on village settlement size and range from £1,250 - £3,000 (Up to £3,000 settlements greater than 1000, up to £2,000 settlements greater than 500, up to £1,500 all other listed village settlements, up to £1,250 all other listed smaller settlements).

  3. Technical support will be available to groups and communities from the Council's technical team.

  4. The grant can only be issued to one group per area and the main overall development / regeneration / Chamber group will be given priority.

  5. All grant aid will be paid retrospectively to those successful applicants who submit appropriate paid invoices to Council as vouched expenditure.

  6. Provision, installation and insurance, liability of lighting and any activity will be the responsibility of the Group applying.

  7. Small settlements listed in the Area Plan that are not classified as villages will be considered for inclusion within the fund, if they have previously provided festive lights in their area.

Letters will be issued to the main Development Group within the designated settlement with an offer of funding. Timeframe for this is usually August.

Applications for this grant cannot be completed online. 
For further information or to apply please contact:
Margaret McCammon
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 22502

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