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Grant Eligibility Conditions

Grant Eligibility Conditions

These conditions are applicable to applications made in all grant categories.

  • Groups applying for a grant must be a not for profit constituted community or voluntary organisation with an annual AGM, individuals can apply to the sports representative grant only.

  • Funding cannot be allocated for a project or venue where an existing SLA exists with Council for a project, building or facility.

  • Groups will only be able to apply for a grant as per the categories, this is to maximise the funding allocation to as many groups as possible.

  • The same project cannot be split across different grant categories.

  • Statutory and ‘for profit’ organisations, activities and recipients (including activities that receive statutory core provision are not eligible for grant).

  • Regional groups/organisations are not eligible to apply.

  • Applications that are not completed accurately and in full will not be considered.

  • Religious or political activity cannot be funded under any grant.

  • All applicants must present a project that will take place within the Mid Ulster District Council area (except Sports Representative Grant as detailed within this section).

  • Applicants must present a project that will be delivered between 1 April - 31 March each year.

  • Evidence of good governance; including annual AGM, Group bank account, financial management practice, insurances, etc. will be required.

  • Successful applicants will draw down grants retrospectively based on vouched expenditure, with procurement adhered to. Advance payments will be 50% up to £1500 and 25% up to £10,000 with final verification of all expenditure.

  • Group recipients should not have a membership charge for its users accessing its community provision greater than £250.

  • Group recipients should have no element of profit gain to any member or individual of its Committee.

  • Local Community Festivals should be free for people to participate.

Items Not Eligible For Funding

The following items are not eligible for funding:

  • Hospitality greater than 20% of the grant threshold

  • Activities, equipment or events that duplicate what already exist or that are covered by other funding

  • Celebrity appearances

  • Bad debt, loans, bank charges, deficits or arrears in payments of any organisation

  • Salaries are available for strategic sports grants only (up to 50% of grant award)

  • Sports kits

  • Flags or bunting

  • Alcohol

  • Retrospective funding applications

  • Gifts or donations

  • Groups or activities that discriminate against any section of the community

  • Residential courses or training greater than 20% of funding sought

  • Reclaimable VAT or other costs.

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