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Shared Spaces & Services

One of the visible aspects of the conflict is the high level of segregation which still exist within society. This is evidenced by residential segregation, peace walls, sectarian graffiti, and public displays of flags and emblems to mark out territory and intimidate. Segregation increases social division and tension and also inhibits economic development and the efficient delivery of public services.

This programme will create new shared civic spaces that will be used by all sections of the community; this will involve changes in both attitudes and behaviour with a corresponding reduction in segregation. Projects will be of a sufficient scale to have a transformative effect on local areas, as well as having a regional significance. Projects will incorporate high quality design and sustainable development principles, including measures to minimise carbon emissions.

This objective will create a more cohesive society through an increased provision of shared spaces and services.

It will result in an increase in the percentage of people who would define the neighbourhood where they live as neutral; an increase in the percentage of people who prefer to live in a mixed religion environment; and a reduction in the percentage of people who would prefer to live in a neighbourhood with people of only their own religion.

These result indicators will be monitored from information collected by the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey.

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