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School Sports Access Grant

School Sports Access Grant (Threshold £4,500.00)

The Council recognises the importance of participation in physical activity and sport and the need to maximise access to facilities which encourages and supports this.

The Council recognises that a few underrepresented sports may be constrained by lack of access to suitable facilities, yet these may exist in local schools.

This is a Category 4 grant. Category 4 grants are limited to groups who meet very specific conditions, with a requirement to discuss with the grants team before application.

The School Sports Access grant:

  • is specifically targeted at clubs using / planning to use a schools synthetic pitch or schools wanting to offer access to their synthetic pitch outside curriculum times.

  • aims to increase access for sports clubs to an under-utilised school synthetic pitch.

  • aims to contribute to the cost to schools of opening up and maintaining schools synthetic pitch.

  • aims to enhance access to team sports activities which are under-resourced or underrepresented.

The maximum amount available to access a school synthetic pitch is £4,500.00, with 1 application per school / club and where 2 or more clubs apply to use the same school synthetic pitch, the grant offered will be on a pro rata basis ie 2 clubs up to 50%, 3 clubs up to 33.3% and 4 clubs up to 25% and so on.


Remember to read the general Grant Eligibility Conditions as well as the criteria for this specific grant.


  1. Be a sports club using or planning to use a school owned synthetic pitch or be a school which plans to provide access to a school owned synthetic pitch by sports clubs.

  2. Incur actual documented costs in accessing / providing a schools synthetic pitch or provide documentary evidence of voluntary work or maintenance costs involved in maintaining a school synthetic pitch.

  3. Not have benefited from Council’s: Sports Strategic Development Grant or Sports Capital Grant.

  4. The programme is primarily aimed at team sports.

  5. Council may consider applications by schools on behalf of, and supported by evidence of agreement with, a constituted sports club.

  6. In addition for sports clubs: Be a constituted and not for profit sports club participating in a sport recognised by Sport NI, located in the Mid Ulster District Council area or a minimum of 80% of members must be resident in the Mid Ulster District Council area.

  7. Sports club should evidence a letter of support/commitment from the school Principal that includes agreed hire charges.

  8. In addition for schools: schools must be located in the Mid Ulster District Council area.

Applications for this grant cannot be completed online. 
For further information or to apply please contact:
Leigh Gilmore 
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 22555

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