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Strategic Sports Development Grant

Strategic Sports Development Grant (Threshold £15,000)

Remember to read the general Grant Eligibility Conditions as well as the criteria for this specific grant.

This is a Category 3 grant. Sports groups may apply for grants in this category as well as Category 2.


The Strategic Sports Development grant aims to support Governing Bodies that play a key strategic role across the Mid Ulster District Council area in developing their affiliated clubs. It aims to provide grant aid to those Governing Bodies that provide direct support to clubs across the area in increasing participation rates and improving playing standards through the employment of a Sports Coach.

The service must:

  1. Provide the structured delivery of an annual sports development programme of a main sport.

  2. Be delivered through a recognised NI Sports organisation; through or in partnership with a sporting governing body; with no duplication of coverage within the same area or targeting of the same groups.

  3. Provide accessible sports development opportunities of a strategic nature that is providing for a large number of people across Mid Ulster.

  4. Provide the programme through a partnership approach with local clubs and groups.

  5. Provide a minimum of 50% dedicated sports officer to the area of coverage in Mid Ulster.  Funding for salary development only.

  6. Provide match funding of a minimum 50% to the sports development programme targeted within the Mid Ulster District.

  7. Provide for an active sport within Mid Ulster.

  8. Liaise with Mid Ulster District Council Leisure Development Unit.

For questions or queries about this grant, please contact:
Philip Clarke,
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 24611
Leigh Gilmore,
T: 03000 132 132 ext: 22555

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