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Change 'one bit' programme

Following on from the successful recently completed Mid Ulster is Growing from Home Project, the follow-up Change 'one bit' programme will run over the winter months focusing on sustainable food and climate change action.

Change ‘one bit’ aims to encourage members of local allotment and gardening groups, as well as individual residents, to get involved in simple, practical activities at home to help adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The programme will provide support for gardening groups and home growers to help them keep active and feel less isolated over the harder winter months, particularly in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The format of the programme will be mainly via email support and monthly provision of pick-up points to allow participants to collect a few free materials to take home for suggested activities under each topic.

During the programme you will: 

  • Learn more about healthy food and climate change choices

All activities will feed into the overall theme of ‘sustainable food and climate change action’, helping participants recognise the existing connections between our own healthy lifestyle choices and the health of our planet.

  • Set your own targets this winter

Participants will be encouraged to change 'one little bit' of their (and their family's) current habits each month by setting their own small achievable targets and getting involved in a number of related activities, which everyone can choose for themselves.

  • Spend more time outdoors

In order to promote more outdoor and physically active lifestyles, there will be particular emphasis on a few selected outdoor activities.

  • Receive email support and free materials each month

Due to the current restrictions and uncertainties posed by COVID-19, the format of the project will be mainly via email support and monthly provision of pick-up points to allow participants to collect their free materials under each topic. 

Less waste, more natural and re-used materials this Christmas?

The programme kicks off this month (December) with the topic 'Zero Waste'. Find out how you can reduce waste at home this Christmas, get ideas on seasonal crafts with natural materials and learn how to make bird fatballs re-using old yoghurt pots.

How to take part
Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To complete an application form and for more information on the programme, email:

The programme is run by the Council in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers and is funded by Northern Healthy Lifestyles Partnership. ​

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