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Register a birth

Registration of births has been suspended until further notice.
The Department of Health has put a process in place to ensure that parents can continue to enrol their child with their GP without the HS123 form which is usually issued by the Registrar. This process has now been agreed and the advice is outlined below.

Parents can continue to enrol their child at a GP practice during the suspension of the birth registration process. 

You will require the following information when you contact the GP practice:

  • Child’s Health and Care Number
  • Full name child is to be registered as
  • Home address child will be residing at
Claiming Child Benefit 

The General Register Office has agreed a process with the Department of Communities to enable parents to claim child benefit without providing a birth certificate.

The midwife will have given the mother a CHS1 form after the birth of your baby and during this current situation this fully completed CHS1 form will be accepted as supporting evidence of the birth. Please submit the CHS1 form along with the child benefit application form. Please ensure you keep a copy of the CHS1 form as you will require this when birth registration recommences.  If you do not have a copy please contact your midwife and they will be able to provide one for you.

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