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Preparing For Severe Weather

Are you prepared for severe weather? Here you'll find some useful tips on how to prepare in your home, on the move and in your community.


Where? How to prepare
In Your Home
Keep an emergency kit (include items like battery/windup radio and torch, spare batteries, candles and matches, a phone that doesn’t require mains electric to work, list of useful numbers list of medications that you are taking, copies of household insurance policies.

Make sure your heating is safe and that your house is properly ventilated.

Know how to turn off your electricity supply at the mains.

Know where your stop valve is and how to turn off your water.

Follow NI Water’s advice on protecting your pipes. Visit www.niwater.com for details.

On The move

Before travelling, tune into the local forecast and Met Office warnings. Visit www.metoffice.gov.uk and www.trafficwatchni.com

Check the road conditions and think about alternative routes and allow extra time for your journey.

Fully charge your mobile phone and take a charger with you.

Make sure you have appropriate clothing, equipment and food.

Pack an emergency travel kit – this will stand you in good stead at any time of the year.

If your area is at risk of flooding, remember you should not drive or walk through flood water. Six inches/15cm of fast-flowing water can knock over an adult and two feet/just over ½ m can move a car.

In Your Community

Helping each other a little can make a big difference.  Identify family members or neighbours who may need an extra helping hand if severe weather strikes:

Have their phone numbers to hand.

Offer help with grocery shopping or other essential tasks

Clear ice or snow from their pathways

If you are part of a community group, think about what your group can do to help others during bad weather.

Remember Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) offer a critical care information service to customers who are dependent on life supporting electrical equipment.  Customers on this register will receive up-to-date information by phone during a power cut or a planned interruption.  Please call 03457 643 643 to register.

Mains Water Supply
Northern Ireland Water offers a range of additional services to older customers or customers who have serious medical conditions or need extra help for any other reason.  Please contact Northern Ireland Water’s Waterline on 03457 440 088.