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Blessingbourne Estate Gardens

On arrival you are greeted by large mature Yew trees and Holm oak situated at the front of the manor house. Blessingbourne Estate’s tranquil location is complimented by it’s charming gardens and enchanted woodland.

The outstanding Victorian Rock garden dates back to the 18th Century and was the creation of Mary Montgomery and Hugh. The remnants of this garden is a beautiful reminder of the History surrounding this Blessingbourne Estate. Originally Gunnera plants were predominant in the design of this garden which can still be seen all over the Estate to this day.

A couple walking in the gardens of Blessingbourne Estate
The Sunken Garden was created by Angela Lowry in the mid 80’s, with the help of her husband Captain Lowry and Hughie McMahon. It has become a popular attraction and often highlighted in the beautiful Wedding photography taken on the Estate.

The most recent addition to the gardens at Blessingbourne is The Memory Garden. This Garden was developed in commemoration of the American Army who were based at Blessingbourne during the Second World War.
Blessingbourne is home to a historic fairy tree. The Hawthorne tree is particularly beautiful during spring when it blossoms, however, do not be tempted to take a blossom with you, as it is bad luck to disturb the inhabitants.
Whilst exploring the fairy-tale forest walks and surround walks you will also find yourself taking in the picturesque views of lough Fadda.
Al of the above walks are dog friendly, guests are encouraged to bring their pets with them to relish in the wonderful parks

Blessingbourne Estate Gardens
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