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Drum Manor Forest Park

Drum Manor Forest Park is open to the public all year round. Facilities at Drum Manor include three different walking trails, arboretum, ponds, mixed woodlands, toilet facilities, children’s play park and Japanese and Butterfly Gardens which are unique to Mid Ulster.

There is also a range of way-marked trails offering visitors scenic walks around the forest and wildfowl lake.

  • All trails begin and finish at the visitor car park.
  • A medium-sized children’s play area is open daily.
  • The Forest Plots (Black) Trail is 1.3 miles in length
  • The Old Woodlands (Black 1) Trail is 2.1 miles in length
  • The Terrace and Pleasuregrounds (Red) Trail is 0.9 miles in length.

The forest park is open every day with facilities for camping and touring enthusiasts available. Entry charges apply.

On occasions where weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office, opening hours for Drum Manor Forest Park Play area may vary. For the latest information visit our weather wise page. 

Drum Manor Forest Park
Tel:028 8676 9949
Visit: Drum Manor Forest Park Website

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