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Moyola River

The Moyola River flows through Draperstown, Tobermore and  Castledawson, before it ends its journey in Lough Neagh.

Estimations suggest that over 130 miles of tributaries flow into the Moyola River this means that the river can be prone to flooding, however, this is also the explanation as to why the river grows in size as it begins in the Sperrins as a stream of fast flowing water with short but deep pools.
This changes as the river progresses towards Lough Neagh, it becomes long, slow with deep pools, which are home to native brown trout. As the river flows through Castledawson, it reverts back to a more fast flowing character, with well-defined pools which are perfect for salmon and dollaghan fishing.
In the final stretch of the Moyola rivers journey, the water flow slows again as it makes its way to Lough Neagh, its defined pools providing excellent opportunities for Anglers.

Moyola River
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