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Parkanaur Forest Walks

River Walk
The River Trail crosses the stone bridge and follows the Torrent River downstream. At times of flood
this is an excellent stretch of water to view dippers, kingfishers and wagtails.

Distance: 0.75 miles

Deer Park Walk
Leading off the Waterfall Trail the red trail takes you up along the side of the Deer park. The trail at the top of the small hill passes into the deer park and you can observe close at hand the impressive herd of white fallow deer. After leaving the deer park the trail passes by two Parasol Beech trees. They were discovered on the estate and brought to the front of the Manor House. Earliest records indicate they were planted there some time before 1885. The trail then passes through the ornamental gardens before returning to the car park.

Distance: 0.7 miles.

Waterfall Walk
The Waterfall Trail follows the Torrent River upstream passing mature oak along the way. A Western
Red Cedar has matured and where the lower branches of the tree have reached the ground they
have rooted and developed into trees. Where the trail bridges the river and the season is wet, you
can see the picturesque waterfall with its open stone bridge. After this feature the trail passes
under a stone arch and past a magnificent Wellingtonia tree. Take a moment by the tranquil waters
of the pond where you might be fortunate enough to see a kingfisher.

Distance: 0.9 miles.

Parkanaur Forest Walks
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