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Election Count: Media Access Accreditation

Mid Ulster Local Government Election Count
Meadowbank Sports Arena
Ballyronan Road
Friday 18 May 2023

Media Accreditation

Attendance at the count is open to news media with prior accreditation. Accreditation is open from:

Wednesday 12 April 2023 to Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 4pm.

No accreditation will be given after this date and time.

To become accredited, individuals must register with the designated media liaison officers (details below) and produce:

  • A current NUJ card, or
  • Photographic identity pass from a news media organisation, or
  • An original letter of authority from a news media organisation supported by a second form of photographic identification.

Count Centre Arrangements

The count centre will open at 7.15am. Those without prior accreditation will be refused entry on the day. 

A media room will be provided on the first floor of the count centre. Members of the media must not intrude on the count staff’s work area.

Taking photos or video on any device where the contents of any ballot could be identified is not permitted. This is to ensure the secrecy and integrity of the election.

Cameras will not be allowed to approach the counting tables or to focus on the tables in close-up.

There will be access to an area on the second floor. You may wish to film from this vantage point which will allow a clear visual of the count proceedings.

Interviews with candidates are not permitted in the count area.

Count information will be displayed on screens within the count area and updates on progress at the count will be posted from the Council’s Twitter account @MidUlster_DC. Results will also be made available on the Council’s website at: 

Media Liaison Officers

Kate Keys, Mobile: 07584 203 866
Michael McGlade
Ann McAleer


Please note: During the count, staff at the Information Point will be able to assist you in contacting a Media Liaison Officer. 


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