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Corporate Improvement Objectives

The Council has set itself four performance improvement objectives to improve the exercise of its functions. These have been developed following public consultation and consideration by Council.

Objective Performance improvement objectives for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022


Mid Ulster District Council will seek to reduce the environmental impacts of our own activities and will contribute to the improvement of the wider environment through local action.


We will ensure a more connected Mid Ulster where new technologies and ways of working, empower citizens to get the best services that matter to them.


To create cleaner neighbourhoods, where everyone takes responsibility for their waste and the environment.


We will contribute to the ongoing regeneration of our district by delivering a capital investment programme, enhancing facilities and opportunities for local people.

The effects of the pandemic may lead to a shift in the Council’s priorities for service delivery during 2020-21 and could result in the need to revise our Performance Improvement Priorities. 

Philip Moffett (Head of Democratic Services)
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