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Corporate Improvement Plan Consultation Outcomes 2021-2023

The Council consulted on four corporate improvement objectives for the years 2021-22 to 2022-23.

The consultation ran from 11 March to 22 April 2021 and we asked respondents:

  • if they agreed or disagreed with each of the objectives

  • to provide us with any related commentary they had about the objectives

  • to tell us if there were any other improvements the council should consider in the future.

A total of 55 people responded to the consultation and a breakdown is provided in the table below.

Respondent Category Number
Citizen/Ratepayer 42
Local business 3
Statutory sector 4
Community or voluntary organisation 1
Other (staff/visitors) 4
Skipped question 1
Total 55

You will find details of whether respondents agreed or disagreed with each objective and any comments they made under each of the objectives below.

Corporate Improvement Objective and Consultation Outcome

Mid Ulster District Council will seek to reduce the environmental impacts of our own activities and will contribute to the improvement of the wider environment through local action.
Consultation Outcome For Improvement Objective One

We will ensure a more connected Mid Ulster where new technologies and ways of working, empower citizens to get the best services that matter to them.
Consultation Outcome For Improvement Objective Two

To create cleaner neighbourhoods, where everyone takes responsibility for their waste and the environment.
Consultation Outcome For Improvement Objective Three

  We will contribute to the ongoing regeneration of our district by delivering a capital investment programme, enhancing facilities and opportunities for local people.
Consultation Outcome For Improvement Objective Four

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