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Objective 2: Consultation Outcome

Consultation Outcome

We asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the objective:

Agree/Disagree with the objective Number
Agreed 45 (82%)
Disagreed 6 (11%)
No answer 4 (7%)

What did respondents say?

The comments made by respondents are provided below.

Again, the lack of railways is a problem needed to be addressed across Northern Ireland as it could help the whole of Northern Ireland in being more connected as well as greater connectivity for work etc. with the Republic of Ireland if it was connected with the main line.

Better broadband provision can accommodate more working from home and less car journeys, freeing up better family time.

Improving mobile signals in the area would be good and create Wi-Fi hubs in towns in Mid Ulster.

Broadband very poor especially in lough shore area.

I disagree when technologies infringe on the health, peace & beauty of the landscape. When corporations can plunder the environment in the name of progress. We have already tipped the balance considerably concerning our eco systems and all in the name of progress. More technology means more towers, more pollution, less privacy. This one goes against your previous policies.

Again... people connect in parks.

Rural communities need better connectivity.

Maghera people have consistently asked for the former high school to be given to them for a much-needed green space. The council is proposing a portion of the field off the Mullagh road will be given to the townsfolk instead. This is totally unacceptable. Why would you destroy dozens and dozens of mature trees and masses of flora and fora when you could quite easily use the field off the Mullagh road for your business park? It would also keep traffic from an already congested town that is struggling with traffic flow.

The events over 2020 to date have made this time of improvement all the more important for the public to access council services in the way that best suits their needs.

Difficult to do when DfE hold the purse strings.

The Council can lessen their impact on the environment by not destroying the mature ecological system on the Maghera High School site as well as the wildlife and large number of trees.

I believe our current position of connectivity is sufficient.

The above statement is very vague and is a sweeping statement. New technologies are wonderful but at what cost to our natural resources?

The Pandemic has super charged the speed at which Council needs to move. Council should be looking to new technologies to assist in service development and all services need to be reviewed to meet with customers enhanced expectations' regarding instantaneous/touch of a button service delivery - pay for it, report it, download it, reference/guidance. The Pandemic also highlighted the lack of connectivity throughout the district and Council needs to be at the forefront of lobbying or seeking alternative funding strategies to ensure the district becomes full fibre.

I think it is vital though that a balance is sought between the digital connection of the district and the social (physical/emotional) connection. In other words, in striving to connect via technology, an even greater effort needs to be made to ensure we are more connected socially for our health and wellness. We cannot completely substitute people/personal service with technology. People 'do business' with people. People connect with people. Constant digital connection and pushing people to engage via digital means is counterproductive to our values and our wellbeing. There are also inclusivity and equality issues to carefully consider.

Economic activity is now, more than ever, supported by remote working. Supporting this reduces road travel and more innovative and shared travel infrastructure (trains) need prioritised. 212 increasingly full at peak times.

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