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Objective 3: Consultation Outcome

Consultation Outcome

We asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the objective:

Agree/Disagree with the objective Number
Agreed 52 (94%)
Disagreed 2 (4%)
No answer 1 (2%)

What did respondents say?

The comments made by respondents are provided below.

Living in a rural area such as Galbally, I have noticed the level of fly tipping and just general littering at the sides of the roads have increased.

Less waste means less landfill and a saving on public expenditure.

More dog litter bins in Maghera’s main walking areas eg Crew Road area would help reduce dog fouling.

More and better recycling. And more transparency on what happens to our recycling.

A good example would be for the council to educate their staff. At Christmas time when the trees were put up on the lampposts in Maghera, nobody lifted the cable ties. They were just left on the street.

Litter is a big problem especially on main routes.

I’m losing the will here...

Provide more dog waste bins.

The planting of trees on the site of the old high school Maghera would help the council to achieve this objective rather than develop it into units.

Mid Ulster Council can reduce their environmental impact by developing the former High School site as a community woodland and park, maintaining the trees and open areas for public recreation, education and play.

Deprived areas need activities for all age groups. Destroying an area that people have grown to love and respect is not the answer. For the last 12 years we have used the former high school grounds for exercise activities, dog walking and socialising. We have so many species of birds including common buzzards, woodpeckers Mistle Thrush to name but a few. We do not want a portion of an empty field. We want to protect the grounds that we already use. We want to protect and enjoy the bats (yes bats) and squirrels and all the wildlife that has made their home there. We have depended on this one tranquil place since the lockdowns away from the noise of traffic. Throwing us the crumbs from your table is pitiful. Alternative offerings are never going to be acceptable.

Use litter cameras and/or wardens to fine people who litter and do not lift dog foul.

An objective which people are keen to support. Communication on success of blue/brown waste recycling at present will aid this objective. This to include the error rate in splitting waste.

But I'd also like to see bin crews be more proactive with cleaning up spills, and more joined up thinking - litter picking verges before they're cut, for example. Litter lifted when drains cleared.

Perhaps, a more front loading of guidance to the public.

The Council can lessen their impact on the environment by not destroying the mature ecological system on the Maghera High School site as well as the wildlife and large number of trees.

Our community did a litter pick last year and this year as the rubbish was littered everywhere. This area used to have people from the council collecting litter but has this been done away with?? What are we paying rates for if we can't get help to keep our area tidy? I do agree that there should be more promotion done to encourage the public to take their rubbish home with them!

Yes addressing the litter problem is very important. So much used PPE is discarded in the streets.

It would be advantageous for Council to actually highlight how much it has to respond both in time and monetary terms to anti-social behaviours such as fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, as well as highlighting and sign posting what Council can and more importantly cannot do regarding waste removal i.e. where other statutory bodies are actually responsible, highlight SLAs or protocols with other agencies etc, if we don't have any them get some.

Incentives for recycling?

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