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Objective 4: Consultation Outcome

Consultation Outcome

We asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the objective:

Agree/Disagree with the objective Number
Agreed 49 (89%)
Disagreed 2 (4%)
No answer 4 (7%)

What did respondents say?

The comments made by respondents are provided in the table below.

Living in rural areas the main source of social interaction is the GAA. Whilst that is all well and good there is nothing for those of us for whom the GAA is not their main thing. Greater investment in facilities for young people should be vitally important. Also the fact that areas such as Cappagh and Galbally have been left behind and there seems to be no appetite to expand local rural economies is something to be looked at. The likes of business units in Donaghmore have been successful in helping Donaghmore become better and better and the same can be replicated in other places if the investment is there. Perhaps it is also time for the Council to take properties in Dungannon into public ownership that have been sitting and renovate and set low rent on such properties but have an application process say to decide what business the town would want and then when said business begins to see a profit perhaps raise the rent to fit the general price of commercial rent for that area. It is only by the local government taking initiate, helping local people to make a living and increase trade within the local economy that areas such as Dungannon to thrive. Businesses are closing and being replaced with flats and flats and whilst housing is required, something is to be aid that we need to preserve and revitalise the town of Dungannon. Perhaps a small cinema in the main town that doesn't need to be run by a large corporation, or a book shop, a gaming shop, a bike shop and cafes etc. Something to give the place character. Instead of the endless Poundlands and Tesco. If that is the only ambition that the town has, it is a waste.

Capital investment is to be welcomed alongside environmental protections. Where there is a conflict, natural environment must be prioritised. Local people, and not just community groups, must always be robustly consulted when investment programmes dramatically change their local environment.

As per comments under section 1. The council need to regenerate our towns by creating spaces and places for people rather than cars. Too many new developments are of poor design and are car centric.

Again the former Maghera High school site would be perfect for this objective. A proper community led development led development do this site would meet all these objectives.

If health and fitness could be invested in. A park area at the high would mean a large open space so families could socially distance get some fresh air and exercise. It could be easily locked at night to deter anti-social behaviour.

While investment in town centres and infrastructure is very welcome, these cannot come at the expense of parkland area such as the former Maghera High School site.

There is a severe lack of usable green space in Maghera for both the general population and especially children and the elderly. Land is available at the old high school site that would be perfect given the natural environment around the site which I think should be preserved. Think issue warrants further discussion with the people of Maghera.

Make sure leisure facilities are maintained in towns and that there is adequate green space for us all to enjoy.

I would like to see something done with the Cott Lane in Ballinderry, this area is used by walkers and cyclists on a daily basis, presently it is very wet because of blocked pipes on lane and is full of potholes, it is getting to be a danger to cyclist especially and not very inviting for such a beautiful place of nature to the public because of the state of the lane.

Capital investment is good if it also considers that profit should not always be the main objective New footpaths and roads are essential, but much more needs to be done to improve the mental and physical health of our citizens. We the people need to be considered much more in to how things progress in our area. We also need to be listened to. Maghera as you know has a considerable amount of traffic passing through each day. New business ventures should be considered for areas where traffic will not further impact a town struggling with such a heavy flow of transport. Turning a small town in to an industrial nightmare. We very much need a quiet green space that is open all year. Were we can spend time away from built up areas where we can join in social events. Meet friends, walk our pets and get away from it all.

You're doing everything in your power to enhance the purse not the opportunities for the local children... the future of your district.

In the modern world people require open space to relax and enjoy nature. Therefore the site at the old high school in Maghera should be made into a park area for the health of the people.

People need opportunities to connect to nature - the high school site, better access to walled garden, more outdoor activities for kids.

Capital investment to provide a green space, park for the people in Maghera will greatly help with their well being and mental health. An opportunity exists to greatly enhance the quality of life for local people by using the high school site for a park.

I believe this is the most important point. We really need a proper green space in Magherafelt. There is only one park that is part of the cemetery, for such a large area a green area should be a requisite, like Omagh.

Let’s please start with the ecological effects of destroying the biodiversity of the high school. You talk about regeneration?? Planting ornamental trees around oversized business units in place of giant oaks and sequoias is a ridiculous and destructive plan when the people have made it abundantly clear that they want to retain the high school grounds.

Maghera needs to keep as many mature trees as it can. The former High School site is the last chance the Council has to develop a high quality community park and save its trees and woodland. The open areas could be developed as play areas for families and because it’s accessible for most housing it would reduce car use for recreation as well as make us a ‘good well-being town’.

Would like to see the Council getting as much funding as possible from the Assembly to offset any costs being put on the local ratepayer for this series of capital programmes.

One way to enhance facilities and opportunities is to create a public green space in the old Maghera high school site.

The regeneration and capital investment are only of benefit when local people, whose lives this has a direct impact on, are listened to and their views taken into consideration.

The Council can lessen their impact on the environment by not destroying the mature ecological system on the Maghera High School site as well as the wildlife and large number of trees.

Regeneration is good as long as it doesn't impact the environment negatively. I believe some facilities need enhancing, especially in deprived areas. Maghera definitely needs a boost in green space and outdoor facilities, and existing facilities need to be open to the public more, the walled garden needs to be open all year and at weekends, when people asked for more access they did not mean another gate, they meant access to the garden regarding more time. Also the children's play park closing at 5 is more than inconvenient, most people work all day and would like to take their children to the park after work. It seems most facilities in Maghera are limited with restrictive entrance time.

The children's playground is lacking in facilities! It would be nice if it could get a revamp as there are a lot of young families in the area.

The residents of Maghera do not want an industrial park on the site of the former high school. We want to retain the shelter belt of trees on the green space and retain it as a conservation and recreation space for the community. The trees are our greatest natural resource as flood prevention, noise barriers, carbon stored and wildlife habitats.

This will be even more important to the district post pandemic as it feeds into our local economy.

Good work in local areas where there is real need and deprivation but investment has been traditionally poor: Coalisland, Pomeroy. Looking forward to seeing the continuation and enhancement of investment in Maghera.

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