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Your Rates

Mid Ulster District Council held its rate rise to 2.98% for the 2018-2019 financial year.

The increase means a ratepayer in a property with an average capital value will pay 97p more each month to fund local services.

The Council agreed its new rate at a meeting on 12 February 2018, in what has been described as the 'most challenging budget-setting year to date'.

The Council originally faced adverse financial pressures amounting to over £3.3M which would have brought a 7.2% increase if unaddressed.

An anticipated cut in the Rates Support Grant which is payable by central government to less wealthy councils is to cost Mid Ulster nearly £325,000, while the continued effect of costs associated with the disposal of waste for both landfill and recycling, employer costs and inflation all contributed to the financial pressures faced by the Council.

Only by absorbing costs, applying savings across its services, together with increases in leisure and parks income targets and the revision of opening hours at leisure centres, was the Council able to offset the negative impact by over £1.1M.

Despite the challenges, the Council has re-stated its commitment to investing in the future of the facilities and services for which it is responsible, together with a continued positive influence on the growth generally of the Mid Ulster district.

A multi-million pound capital programme sets out plans for investment in villages and town centres, in leisure, tourism and economic development.


You can view details of the Council’s net annual expenditure of £42.8M below (2018-2019).

Service 2018-2019 Net Expenditure %
Culture & Heritage 6.6
Recreation & Sport 23.5
Tourism 4.2
Community Services & Assets 4.4
Cemeteries 0.7
Environmental Health 6.4
Public Toilets 1.3
Waste Collection 14.1
Waste Disposal 18.1
Street Cleaning 6.6
Minor Works 1.2
Economic Development 5.0
Planning 1.4
Building Control 0.5
Off-Street Parking 0.01
Democratic Representation & Management 3.5
Corporate Management 1.5
Central Services to the Public 0.3
Bank Interest 0.7