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Supporting Fairtrade

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We’re working to become a Fairtrade district: 

  • A place where our shops and retail outlets offer Fairtrade products, like tea, coffee, sugar, bananas and chocolate.
  • Where we choose to support farmers and workers in developing countries to receive a fair price for their goods by buying products which carry the Fairtrade mark.
  • Where we meet together as a community to promote Fairtrade and encourage the use of Fairtrade products.  

What Can You Do To Make Trade Fair?

  • We can all choose to use Fairtrade products.
  • If you’re a retailer, restaurant or café owner, you can stock Fairtrade products.
  • Community groups can switch to Fairtrade Tea & Coffee for their meetings and run Fairtrade Coffee Mornings etc to raise awareness.
  • If you’re a business, big or small, consider using Fairtrade tea and coffee for your meetings and in your staff canteens.
  • Join our steering group to raise awareness of Fairtrade and help Mid Ulster achieve its Fair trade district status.

Would you like to know more?

Drop in for a cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee:
Hill of The O’Neill & Ranfurly House (Café), Dungannon
Monday 2 March 2020  
5.30pm – 7pm (Admission FREE)

Keep up to date with Fairtrade news and events in Mid Ulster.

If you are a business, organisation or individual and would like to know more about Fairtrade in the area please complete the form below.

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