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Sometimes being out and about pedalling your bike in the dark and cold isn't the most fun workout, so why not take a spin in one of our newly refurbished virtual spin studios in Cookstown and Greenvale Leisure Centres.

Spinning (indoor cycling) is a great low impact, high energy cardio fitness workout that tones muscles, strengthens your core, and increases your cardio fitness.

Our dedicated virtual spin classes have a fun fitness vibe as you ride in time to workout tunes and lighting, choosing the option of a wide variety of sessions, all with encouragement from the instructor meaning you can't go wrong! 

Spin Class Basics: Know Before You Go
  • Spin classes allow riders of all abilities to push themselves as much as they like all in the same class - you are in control of your own sesion and you can make it as easy or as hard as you want. 
  • Get there early to set your bike up with the aid of our trained instructors, that way you're able to get the maximum out of our sessions. 
  • Take water and a towel - it's going to get sweaty! 
Spin Studio Class Timetables

Find out more about our virtual spin studio class timetables: 

> Cookstown Leisure Centre Virtual Spin Timetable
> Greenvale Leisure Centre Virtual Spin Timetable

You can also contact Cookstown Leisure Centre on 028 8676 3853 or Greenvale Leisure Centre on 028 7963 2796 to find out more, or email 

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