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Council seeks views on Improvement Objectives

Mid Ulster District Council is currently consulting on its draft 2024-2025 Performance Improvement Objectives and would like to hear its residents’ views on the proposed objectives.  

Chair of the Council’s Policy and Resource Committee, Councillor Córa Corry says, 

“Councils are required to set improvement objectives each year which form the basis for a performance improvement plan. Our performance improvement objectives set out our priorities for an improved, more sustainable future for our District. Providing support, direction and guidance to the residents and businesses of our district is fundamental to what the Council does. As we look to the future, we want to build on the strengths of our district and make sure Mid Ulster remains a great place to live and work.

“Our relationship with local communities is one where we move forward by working together and where the Council can play a vital role in marshalling energy and resources to improve people’s lives and give families and communities reasons to be optimistic about the future. I invite you to work with Council and use your voices to help us unlock important and lasting improvements for everyone who lives and works in Mid Ulster.”

The Council has developed four Improvement Objectives, which have the citizen’s needs at the heart of service delivery, and which focus on improving outcomes for residents. The four objectives look at how the Council can contribute in reducing activities that impact the environment; ensure Mid Ulster is more connected digitally; as well as how in partnership with local stakeholders, the Council can continue to contribute to cleaner neighbourhoods and the ongoing regeneration of the district. 

These draft improvement objectives include an explanation as to why Council has chosen them and how they contribute to the continuing delivery of Corporate Priorities and align with the District’s Community Plan. 

Consultation will begin on Monday 26 February and responses can be submitted up until Friday 19th April at 12 noon. 

Once the Council has considered the feedback received, it will draw up and publish a Corporate Improvement Plan, setting out the Improvement Objectives, which will be monitored across the year. Council is committed to publishing a final report on its improvement performance by the autumn of 2024.