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Planning Property Certificates

Mid Ulster District Council is now providing its own Planning Property Certificate, so customers no longer have to apply through the Regional Property Certificate Unit (RPCU) for Planning Property Certificates within the Mid Ulster District Council Area. 

You will continue to use the Council Direct Website to obtain a Local Authority Property Certificate, which is a separate Property Certificate to a Mid Ulster Planning Property Certificate. 
Before submitting your Property Enquiry Form for a Mid Ulster Planning Property Certificate you may want to use our map tool to verify that the site address is located within the Mid Ulster District Council Area. 

Why are Planning Property Certificates needed when buying a property?
Property certificates help to identify if there are any statutory provisions affecting the property and if any legal action has been taken or is pending by the council or other government bodies. 

What is included on a Planning Property Certificate?

A planning property certificate provides information on:

  • the planning history of the property

  • confirms if the road adjoining the property is looked after by DfI Roads or is private and if there are any road works proposed which may affect the property

  • confirms if a public water main serves the property

  • confirms that the sewers are either maintained by NI Water or the property is served by a septic tank

  • The details provided on the certificate are based on the information available to the consultees at the time of the enquiry

Information about planning applications submitted before 1973 will not appear on the certificate.


The fee for a property certificate for a single property is £70 (£58.33+VAT). 

The fee for a property certificate for more than one property is £70 (£58.33+VAT) for the first property plus £7+VAT for each additional property.

Example: Planning property certificate enquiry relates to three properties:

First property £58.33+VAT £70
Second property £7+VAT £8.40
Third property £7+VAT £8.40
Total fee due £72.33+VAT £86.80

The maximum number of properties per certificate is 30 or £313.60.

Applying for a Mid Ulster Planning Property Certificate

The process for applying for a Mid Ulster Planning Property Certificate will be introduced on a phased approach.

Initially, customers will be required to complete a property enquiry form and email it to

An OSNI map (urban 1:1250/rural 1:2500) with the property clearly outlined in red must be attached to the email. Forms submitted by email must include details of a BACS payment.
Property enquiry forms can be requested by emailing
Over the coming months an online form will be introduced which customers can complete and make payment online by credit or debit card.
Paper copies of the property enquiry form (by post or handed in to reception) will still be accepted. Cheques accompanying these paper forms should be made payable to Mid Ulster District Council, 50 Ballyronan Road, Magherafelt, BT45 6EN.

Completed Planning Property Certificates will be emailed directly to the requesting customer or posted if no email address has been provided.

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