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Request Speaking Rights

Speaking Rights at Planning Committee or Deferral 

The public can request to speak on a planning application before our planning committee.  A request may also be made to have a planning application deferred. Requests must be received no later than 12pm two working days prior to the meeting. This page enables you to submit such requests.  
Requests to speak should state whether it is to speak in support of or in opposition to a planning application. Deferral requests should state the reason why a deferral is being sought. Written information which the speaker wishes to circulate to committee members must also be provided at this time. Information received after this time will not be circulated. 

Please note:

Speaking Rights

  • Once submitted using the online form or otherwise requested in writing no later than 12pm two working days prior to the meeting, these will be automatically granted.

  • If you are unable to attend in person to exercise your speaking rights you can provide a written submission which must be received no later than 12pm two working days prior to the meeting.

  • If you have already exercised your speaking rights on the application, or someone has done so on your behalf, any subsequent request to speak will normally not be granted.

  • Any exception to the speaking rights will be a matter for the discretion of the Chair.


  • Deferral requests will be considered by and decided upon by the committee. The Planning Manager will provide a view to the committee on whether a deferral request is merited. 

Requesters will not be contacted in relation to speaking or deferral requests unless there are any changes to the above, at which point you will be contacted by 4pm at least one business day before the meeting.

Proceed to our online form to request speaking rights at Planning Committee or Deferral.

You may alternatively request speaking rights or deferral by writing to:
Mid Ulster District Council
Democratic Services
15 Circular Road
BT71 6DT

Information on the operation of the planning committee can be found in the Planning Protocol.  Those seeking speaking or deferral requests are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this document.