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Microchipping involves having an identification tag inserted painlessly into your dog.

  • A microchip is a tiny metal device which is injected under a dog's skin between its shoulder blades. It helps to identify dogs if they go missing or are stolen

  • Every chip has its own unique ID number

  • This number matches information about your dog held on a nationwide database, along with your contact details. You provide this information when the chip is fitted

  • Most local vets will insert a microchip into your dog.

If your dog is found by our dog wardens or the police, they'll check to see if it has been fitted with a chip. If it has, they'll check the ID number against the database to return your dog to you.

You must have a microchip number for your dog and you will be asked for the microchip number when you apply for a dog licence.

Remember to keep your contact details up-to-date on our microchipping database! If you change your telephone number or address, let us know so your dog can be returned to you if it ever gets lost.