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Grant Categories 2023 - 2024

For more information on the Grant Categories for 2023 - 2024, see tables below.  The Council's new online Grants Programme for 2023 - 2024 is now open for applications.

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Category 1 Grants

One Grant in Category. Applications with * submitted on a 2-year basis subject to outcomes review and Council annual budget.

Category 1 Grant Details:
Small Development Grant  Maximum £1,500
(Community, Arts, Culture, Heritage,  Environment, Sport).
* Community/Sports/Venues/Facilities Grant
Maximum £3,500 
Greater than 10 hrs weekly activity.
* Strategic Arts & Culture Grant
Maximum £20,000
(Arts & Culture dedicated performance space & annual programme).
* Strategic Sports Development Grant Maximum £15,000 (Governing Bodies only).
* Strategic Community Development Grant Maximum £8,000

Category 2 Grants

One Grant in Category. Applications with an * submitted on a  2-year basis subject to outcomes review & Council annual budget

Category 2 Grant Details:

* Strategic Events Grant

Maximum £8,000
Minimum 1000 people attending.

Good Relations Grant

Maximum £1,500
Rolling Programme.

Community Local Festival Grant

Maximum £1,500
Rolling programme.

Sports Representative Grant

Individual & Team
Maximum £250 - £500

Miscellaneous Grants

Contact relevant officers regarding each of the grants.

Miscellaneous Grant Details:

Capital Discretionary Grant

Up to £50,000 as funder of last resort.
Contact: Philip Clarke or Hannah McCabe on 03000 132 132

Festive Lights Allocation

Allocation as per settlement.
Contact: Joe McGlinchey on 03000 132 132

Schools Sports Access Grant

Maximum £4,500. Schools providing sports facilities to minority sports with no facilities.
Contact: Leigh Gilmore on 03000 132 132

Regional and Minority Languages Bursary

Allocations as per available budget.

Irish Language Activity Grants

Allocations as per available budget.

Groups can only apply to one grant per year to Categories 1 and 2.  Miscellaneous Category grants are targeted at specific outcomes.

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