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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 makes it easier for you to get information about us. This law, which came into force on 1 January 2005, allows anyone to ask for any information we hold.

We already make a significant amount of information available to the public routinely which means you don't have to make a specific request for it.

Details of this information will be listed in our Publication Scheme.

Making a request

Submit your request in writing stating clearly the information you require.

Write to us at:

Information Governance Officer
Mid Ulster District Council
Cookstown Office
Burn Road
BT80 8DT


You can email us:
Don't forget to provide your contact details so we can reply to your request.

Responding to requests

  • Once we receive your request, we must reply, in writing, within 20 working days

  • In our reply, we must confirm whether or not we hold the information, and either provide you with the information requested or explain why it is not being provided

  • We may charge a fee before supplying the information you request. If so, we'll write to you giving details of the amount you must pay. Details of our fees are below.

Schedule of fees on provision of information

The Council’s Publication Scheme sets out information which is readily accessible for public access and viewing. As a matter of rule the Council will work to ensure that this is available at minimum cost to those wishing to obtain it. There may however be times when the Council will have cause to charge for costs incurred for photocopying, postage and packaging and any cost incurred as a result of making arrangements to view information.

Material which is published and accessed on our website is provided at no charge. If a charge is to be made, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided and payment may be requested prior to providing it.

  • Free of Charge - includes general facts and information on the services offered to the public from our website and includes answering telephone queries, providing copies of free leaflets and inspection of reference materials at Council offices.

  • Priced Publications - where the information required is available in a priced publication, details of the publication, the cost and where to obtain it will be provided.

  • Charge for Datasets - if the Council incurs a cost when making a data set (or part of a data set) available for reuse a charge may be levied for the provision.

  • Photocopying Costs, Postage and Packaging - includes already prepared information which can be photocopied or printed.  Charges will be placed where copying costs total £5 or more, as follows: A3 - A5 Double Sided 10p per sheet; A2 Sheet £2 per sheet; A0 - A1 dyeline prints (planning drawings) £5 each. Postage and packaging will be charged at the cost incurred.

Administrative Charges

Planning - Copy of Decision Notice and Site Location Plan (electronic and postage means): £5
Where a request is made to provide a copy of the original planning Decision Notice and the Site Location Plan. Planning Section is unable to re-issue these documents and hence can only provide copies.

Removal of Statutory Charge: £25.00
Where request is made to remove Statutory Charges on the Statutory Charges Register held by Land and Property Services.
Re-stamping of Plans: £20.00
Where a request is made for a set of plans to be re-stamped by the relevant Council service.

Re-issue of Approval Certificates: £15.00
Where a request has been made to re-issue the ‘green’ certificate, for example Building Control Completion Certificates.

Legal Enquiries regarding work stages: £25.00
Where a request is made from a Council service to search and confirm the construction status on a property from the relevant file(s) held.

Postal Address Confirmation: £15.00
Where the Council confirms in writing the postal address of a property.

Archive Search: £25.00
Where the Council is requested to undertake a history search.

Exemption Letter:  £15.00
Where the Council is required to confirm that the relevant Regulations, building control or otherwise, are not applicable.