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Good Employment Charter

Mid Ulster District Council wants to help build and sustain a fair and prosperous local economy in our district. Good local employment is central to that ambition and we are committed to providing a fair and inclusive workplace that values the contributions of all employees.
This Charter sets out our commitment to employment practices that enable our employees to live and work well, recognising the importance of fairness, engagement, development, wellbeing and diversity. We encourage other organisations and employers to begin their own journeys towards adoption of these principles, helping to raise the standards of good employment across our district.

1. Fair Pay

  • Mid Ulster District Council commits to paying all employees a fair and competitive wage based on the principle of equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

  • We commit to the payment of the Real Living Wage and apply year on year announcements on the hourly rate, as determined by the Living Wage Foundation.

  • We periodically revise our organisational structure to ensure it meets our business needs and our pay scales are in line with the wider public and private sectors.

  • ​Our Terms and Conditions are applied equitably across the organisation, subject to any obligations requiring us to do otherwise.

2. Employee Engagement And Voice

  • We engage in meaningful consultation with staff and their representatives to foster a constructive and collaborative working environment.

  • We uphold the principles of partnership working and promote a sense of shared responsibility among employees and the organisation.

  • We support the membership of trade unions.

3. Learning & Development

  • We engage with our staff and employee representatives to help shape our learning and development programme.

  • We offer quality training tailored to equip employees with the skills and qualifications they need to do the job and progress in their employment.

  • We promote and encourage the development of our staff by offering an ongoing holistic and comprehensive Personal Contribution and Support Process.

4. Health & Wellbeing

  • We recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance and support employees to achieve this through flexible working arrangements and leave policies extending to, amongst others, carers leave, term time, flexi time, parental leave and time off for medical appointments.

  • We have implemented arrangements aimed at promoting the physical and emotional wellbeing of our staff including the establishment of a Health & Wellbeing Committee and a team of Mental Health Ambassadors.

5. Inclusive Workplaces

  • We are committed to fostering an inclusive work culture that values diversity in all its forms through our proactive employment policies, training and development programme and work placement opportunities.

  • We actively promote and celebrate diversity and are dedicated to creating a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.