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Rural Needs

Mid Ulster District Council has a statutory duty under the Rural Needs Act (NI) 2016 to consider rural needs in the development of new policies, plans or strategies and in any service design/delivery decisions.

For the purpose of having due regard to rural needs as set out under the Act the Council has defined settlements of less than 5,000 people as rural settlements. Therefore, the majority of the population of Mid Ulster District reside in a rural area. As such, the settlements of Dungannon, Cookstown, Coalisland and Magherafelt are classed as urban.

The Council is committed to engaging with rural stakeholders in relation to policy development when it is relevant and appropriate.

As a result of the Rural Needs Act the Council must: 

  • Give due regard to rural needs within policy making and when taking decisions

  • ​Carry out the duties in line with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) guidance

  • Make arrangements for monitoring and reporting on how we are meeting the duty

  • Ensure that an annual reporting return is submitted to DAERA

For further information contact:
Joseph McGuckin
Head of Strategic Services & Engagement
T: 03000 132 132