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‘Boy Racer’ Behaviour Condemned By Council Chair

The behaviour of so-called ‘boy racers’ at Davagh Forest over the holiday weekend has been condemned by the Chair of Mid Ulster District Council.
Councillor Cathal Mallaghan was speaking after local residents were disturbed by vehicles racing through the forest car parks late on Sunday evening and into the early hours of Monday morning (13 July).
“This is not harmless fun, it is anti-community behaviour which is dangerous, causes disturbance and distress to residents and damages property and the local environment,” said Councillor Mallaghan.
“We are investing in Davagh Forest, creating a new observatory, new walks and potentially new mountain bike trails, and doing so sympathetically to protect the landscape and ensure the forest can be enjoyed by local people and visitors.
“This vandalism contributes nothing to that work and those participating should be ashamed of themselves”.
The issue is being reported to the PSNI.

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