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Change your ways, Reduce your waste – Be Plastic Fantastic this European Week for Waste Reduction!

Mid Ulster District Council is urging residents to Be Plastic Fantastic by changing their ways and reducing their waste this European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) which takes place from 16th – 24th November.

EWWR is the perfect opportunity to challenge everyday actions and habits to reduce the waste we produce and increase our recycling.
The Council is calling on the district’s recycling heroes to use EWWR to Be Plastic Fantastic and take actions to help reduce the 10% of our black bin waste made up of plastic items that could have been recycled in the blue bin.  If it is a plastic bottle, pot, tub or tray it can be recycled in your blue bin!   
Don’t forget to recycle from all around the house – especially the bathroom where we use cleaning bottles, hand soap bottles and toiletry bottles! 

Just ensure all items are clean, dry and loose before disposing of them in the blue bin. 
Actions we can all take to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we generate include:
On the go -

  • Stop using disposable coffee cups - carry a reusable cup for your take-away coffees.

  • Fill your reusable water bottle from home before you set off for the day, this saves you money too.

  • Stop using cling film or sandwich bags for packed lunches – put your sandwiches in a reusable tub.

  • Getting hot food on the go? Avoid polystyrene trays that have to go in the black bin – bring your own tupperware.

  • Say no to disposable plastic cutlery or disposable cups.

At the shops:

  • Pass on the plastic straws – these have to be disposed of in the black bin.  Purchase paper straws that can be composted in the brown bin or a reusable metal straw.

  • Choose loose fruit and veg where possible.

  • Choose products with less packaging or recyclable packaging.

  • Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag. 

In the bathroom:

  • Next time you throw your old plastic toothbrush into the black bin, buy a wooden compostable replacement.

  • Replace shampoo bottles and hand soap bottles with plastic packaging free shampoo and soap bars.

  • Replace plastic stemmed cotton buds with compostable paper stemmed ones.

Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Wilbert Buchanan is supporting EWWR’s call for action.

European Week for Waste Reduction reminds us how easily we can fall into habits that produce unnecessary waste. We can all take steps to tackle this and one of the most straightforward actions we can take is to ensure no recyclable plastics end up in our black bins. I would call on all the district’s recycling heroes to continue their great work and make full use of their indoor recycling bags and blue bins to #BePlasticFantastic this EWWR and throughout the whole year.

 For more information on plastics recycling in Mid Ulster, including the plastics we say ‘yes please’ and ‘no thanks’ to, go to:
We really want to hear what you are doing to #BePlasticFantastic this EWWR – email the Recycling Team at Mid Ulster District Council: or for more information call us on 03000 132 132. 
Tell us about your plastic waste reducing actions and help inspire others to do the same!

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