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Mid Ulster District Council Joins The Refillution!

Mid Ulster District Council is supporting Northern Ireland Water’s new Refillution campaign, aimed at encouraging everyone to commit to refilling a reusable water bottle with our world-class tap water and stop buying single use plastic bottles.

To coincide with National Refill Day, 19th June, NI Water is launching its own campaign locally, ‘Refillution.’ Northern Ireland uses 145 million single use plastic bottles every year. By switching to a reusable bottle, people can help turn the tide in helping to reduce plastic waste. Our drinking water is 99% pure and we want everyone to benefit from it.

Chair of the Council, Councillor Martin Kearney, said:

“Reducing the amount of plastic we generate, particularly by avoiding single-use plastic bottles, is critical to our environment and this campaign is asking everyone to take one small step towards to making a big difference.

“Residents in Mid Ulster are already the top recyclers of all 11 councils here and I would encourage them to join the ‘refillution’ and continue to have a positive impact on the amount of waste we generate, as well as recycle”.

With drinking water now at the highest quality on record, staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste is a win-win for everyone.

Angela Halpenny, Northern Ireland Water Head of Environmental Regulation says,

“We are delighted Mid Ulster District Council is supporting our campaign. On National Refill day, we welcome all our Councils, agencies and stakeholders to join us, by encouraging everyone to switch to refilling a reusable water bottle from the tap.”

The water industry has a strong focus on the environment and we are committed to tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles which block up our rivers and drains, and pollute our seas.

Get involved! Just hashtag #Jointherefillution #Refillution @niwnews @JoinRefillution and start sharing with your friends!

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