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Mid Ulster District Council successfully prosecutes man for littering

Mid Ulster District Council has successfully prosecuted a man for a littering offence.

At Dungannon Magistrate’s Court this week the man was ordered to pay a £75 fine as well as legal and court costs totalling £615.

Speaking after the proceedings, Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Martin Kearney said, “Today’s court ruling acts a timely and apt reminder to residents of the Council’s stance on littering. The Council takes it very seriously and will be continuing this enforcement for anyone found or reported to be littering in the district. Hopefully this case will deter residents of, and visitors to, the district from littering whether it be throwing litter from their cars or not cleaning up after their dogs.

This result clearly illustrates the financial consequences for anyone found guilty of littering so I hope it will help prevent further incidents in the future.

For more information on littering, and the law, go to:

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