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Chair’s Christmas Message

The Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Cathal Mallaghan, would like to wish everyone across the district a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas but is reminding residents not to become complacent in the fight against COVID-19 this festive season.
“2020 has been a year I don’t think any of us will forget, bringing with it a very different Christmas for all of us. Many of us will not be able to physically gather with our loved ones or extended families to exchange those Christmas greetings, wishes, gifts and cards this year. Like many things this year, it will be a virtual Christmas in many homes where messages and celebrations will move online.
“We can all take this virtual generosity one step further and reach out to any elderly or vulnerable family, friends or neighbours who are struggling or may not have any support or company at this already extremely difficult time of year. Checking in with them online or over the phone to make sure they are Ok and have everything they need could make their Christmas.
“While the last year has proven extremely challenging for most due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also shown me the true nature and resilience of people in Mid Ulster. Residents rose to the challenges presented and rallied together to provide the necessary support, provisions and assistance to those who needed it most. Our NHS staff, and all our key workers here, continue to go above and beyond to ensure the district continues to deliver the essential services necessary during this testing time. This unwavering strength and determination speaks volumes about the character and calibre of the people of Mid Ulster.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank every citizen across Mid Ulster who has been a front line worker, to those who delivered food parcels and prescriptions to residents who were shielding, to those who organised food banks and picked litter from our roadsides. To those who entertained us with zoom quizzes or humorous TikToks, to those of you who have been forced to close your business to protect others, to those who kept the wheels moving delivering our essential goods in your trucks and vans, to all council staff who worked through the pandemic, coordinated the response for our community and who were redeployed across the council providing help where it was required. Finally to our political leaders who faced impossible choices. All of your contributions made this year a little more bearable.

“Restrictions have been relaxed again in the run-up to Christmas, but I am pleading with everyone to please continue to do your bit to curb the spread of COVID19. The virus will not stop because it’s Christmas. We must all continue to adhere to the Hands, Face, Space guidance to help protect our loved ones and others this Christmas! Please continue to wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering and keep your distance, at least 2 metres.
“It has been an absolute honour and a privilege to be the Chair of the district during what has been a very turbulent year to date. While it has been one full of challenges, it has equally presented me with so many opportunities to see and experience what is great across the district. I look forward to continuing my role into a new year, one where there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the arrival and rollout of the vaccine. However, it is imperative we all continue to play our part over the coming weeks and months if we are to return to some sort of normality over the coming year.
“I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and above all safe Christmas and I look forward to getting back to work again in the New Year.”
Chair of Mid Ulster District Council,
Cathal Mallaghan

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