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Mid Ulster waste services continue to secure top spots

The continued effort of Mid Ulster’s Recycling Heroes has again helped the district perform best out of all 11 councils here in terms of waste management.
Latest figures revealed in the Northern Ireland Landfill Allowance Scheme (NILAS) Annual Report for 2019/20, show that the Council utilised just 8.9% of its annual landfill allowance of 16,932 tonnes. This represents a fall of 22.6% from 2018/19 meaning that only 1,505 tonnes was sent to landfill during the scheme year leaving a surplus of 15,427 tonnes.
This was the lowest ever annual utilisation of NILAS allowances and the lowest amount of Biodegradable Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste (BLACMW) landfilled of all eleven Councils in Northern Ireland during the year.
The Landfill Allowance Scheme (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2004 (NILAS) were designed to help Councils here meet targets as set out in the Landfill Regulations
2004 by allocating progressively challenging limits on the amount of BLACMW that can be landfilled by each Council.
Speaking on these latest achievements, Chair of the Council Environment Committee, Council Sean McGuigan said, "These latest results are further confirmation of the terrific work being done by residents in Mid Ulster in terms of their continued and unwavering recycling efforts, even during an incredibly difficult time. Our recycling heroes continued to recycle thoroughly in their blue and brown bins, reducing the amount of waste that was sent to landfill, securing us the top performance of all 11 councils here once more.

This is the latest in a number of impressive successes for the district in terms of its waste management performance. Mid Ulster is consistently at the top of the table for its household recycling rate, most recently achieving the highest household recycling rate of all 11 councils here for the 2019/20 period with 58.8%. The district also had the biggest reduction in waste sent to landfill out of all 11 councils with only 3.7% of waste being landfilled. These are remarkable achievements to be able to boast and they reiterate the extremely positive position of the Council in terms of waste management. In Mid Ulster, Together We Recycle.

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