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Council Once Again Calls On Unite To Suspend Industrial Action

Mid Ulster District Council has once again called on Unite to suspend its industrial action and to re-consider a proposed 4% pay increase for staff over 2 years, on top of the national pay offer which would bring a further 10% rise this year for those on the lowest scales.

The Council’s local proposal would see all staff (excluding the senior management team) move up their existing pay scales by 2 points, and also includes a one-off payment of £500 in recognition of the financial pressures which many face as a result of the cost of living crisis.

An increase of £1,925 from 1 April 2022 is part of the national pay offer which equates to a rise in excess of 10% for those on the lowest scales in Mid Ulster to 4% for most staff on higher scales.

If accepted, the combined pay awards would see those on lower scales receive projected increases in their take-home pay this year of £27.70 per week to £31.20 per week.

Both would have to be funded exclusively by the Council and the local proposal in Mid Ulster is by far the most generous currently on offer from any council in Northern Ireland.

The Council believes it demonstrates good faith and commitment to enhancing and improving staff’s terms and conditions, specifically among lowest paid employees, in an affordable and realisable manner.

The localised industrial action began on Monday 25 July and is scheduled to continue until Sunday 21 August. It is largely affecting bin collection services and two leisure centres in Cookstown and Magherafelt.

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